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Omega Alpha

“My horses have been using Omega Alpha products for a few weeks now and already I can feel that they are brighter and feel better within themselves. Even my picky eater seems to gobble up her food with the products added so that’s very important to me that they are so palletable. It’s very hard to pick my favourite products as they are all so great. I think Antiflam is an incredible product for my competition horses who work so hard in their muscles. Also Healthy Horse for obvious reasons!! I think probably the most important product is Gastra-Fx as it deals with my horses stomachs which at the end of the day where all the other products are digested.” -Katherine 

Many companies produce herbal formulations, but only Omega Alpha manufactures herbal based liquid & powdered supplements using proven scientific knowledge, research & testing. Omega Alpha manufactures over 40 natural health products for equine health.


SSG Colour

SSG Gloves

“I have been a big fan of SSG for many years. They are consistently so well made and seem to outlast most any others I have ever tried. I am really honored to ride exclusively in SSG gloves and am looking forward to taking them to Europe with me.” -Katherine

SSG® Gloves strikes the perfect balance of sophistication and function. High-quality natural materials and luxuriously style make for a glove designed like no other. SSG® Gloves is an innovative company that cherishes excellent design and quality, filling a need for specific equestrian applications. With years of glove engineering experience and over 50 styles, SSG® has created the perfect fit for styles and sizes ranging from children to adult. SSG® gloves are designed with the horseman in mind.


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Parlanti Boots

“Parlanti has long been a very highly regarded boot, attracting many of the best riders in the world, and with good reason! I’m beyond honored and excited to be representing such an exceptional brand. The quality of these Italian made boots is truly exquisite, and the attention to detail in the stylish Italian design offers the height of elegance. The custom measuring technique by Parlanti is also thoroughly impressive.” -Katherine

Parlanti Roma custom made Riding Boots have always represented the perfect combination between quality, tradition and research. The recognizable features in every product made, shows the Passion with which Stivaleria Parlanti Roma has always worked.

Over 30 years experience has culminated into our brand new Parlanti Passion “ready to wear” product range. According to the highest manufacturing methods, the most desired riding boots in the equestrian world are now available “off the shelf”, while still retaining the quality work standards and materials for which Stivaleria Parlanti Roma is renowned.


childeric saddles logo

Childeric Saddles USA

I chose Childéric because I had gone to try a horse that was for sale and had ridden it in a Childéric Saddle. I loved the balance and quality and I just fell in love with it. The very first day I rode Alcazar in my Childéric DGP saddle I honestly felt a huge difference in his way of going! It was remarkable as I had never ever had that happen with a change of saddle before. He immediately felt more loose and forward and also more uphill. I also felt as if I could stay out of his way more easily. The Childéric makes you feel so close to your horse. It’s quite amazing!” -Katherine

The Childéric range of jumping and dressage saddles and accessories is designed for every rider – from those who ride for pleasure to aspiring and top competitors.There is a Childéric saddle for every type of horse. Their unique design maximises freedom of movement, scope and comfort. By helping you ride in balance, your Childéric saddle helps you and your horse forge a confident, effective and winning partnership.Every saddle is an affordable investment that will last for years. Your Childéric saddle will be the saddle of your dreams.

Neue Schule offers an exciting and innovative range of high performance, superior comfort bits for all equines, covering all disciplines at every level. This is accomplished through bits that are ergonomically designed, using the latest in engineering and computer aided design (CAD) technologies.

Neue Schule Bits 

“I use the Transform Curb bit from Neue Schule, and I love it. It really changed my horse’s mouth. Good contact is something we all strive for. It is one of the basics that we all struggle with, and when it all comes together and you have that lovely contact with your horse’s mouth, the feeling of communication is amazing.” -Katherine

Neue Schule offers an exciting and innovative range of high performance, superior comfort bits for all equines, covering all disciplines at every level. This is accomplished through bits that are ergonomically designed, using the latest in engineering and computer aided design (CAD) technologies.

Neue Schule pamphlet cover

Gumbits sponsor KBC Dressage


“I highly recommend using GumBits daily for a soft frothy mouth. I have noticed a big difference with how my horses take contact with the bit when I use my GumBits. My horses love the taste and they look for them before I put their bridles on. I highly recommend using GumBits daily for a happy horse.” -Katherine

 GumBits promotes the salivation process and eliminates the teeth grinding which often can occur during the intense training of high performance sport horses. Not only does GumBits encourage chewing activity, trigger salivation, and eliminate teeth grinding, horses love the sweet taste. GumBits are made of all natural FDA approved ingredients and is safe and palatable.



DSB Boots

“The Dressage Sport Boots are a great tool for us, both on the road and at home, they look great, protect the very sensitive areas, and are easy to put on. That plus how easy they are to clean, makes them a great choice for busy riders.” -Katherine

 The Dressage Sport Boot line is designed to provide excellent protection as well as comfort for the horse. 

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“The Draper products are essential to keeping my horses at the top of their game, to compete on this level you have to be using the best equipment and products out there, and I couldn’t be happier to team up with Draper.” -Katherine

Draper Therapies is a therapeutic product company combining the technology of Celliant into high quality products for equines, canines, felines and humans.Choose Draper. Choose Health.
Nutrena sponsor of KBC Dressage


“After comparing different companies and the many feeds that are on the market, I concluded that Nutrena has a fantastic range of feeds. I chose to feed my Grand Prix horse Nutrena’s Ultra Performance Feed.” – Katherine

“We like to partner with riders like Katherine Bateson-Chandler who are committed to the sport, the industry, and to the health and performance of their horses. As an international dressage trainer and competitor who has worked diligently to successfully come up through the ranks, Katherine fits the bill. We appreciate Katherine’s loyalty to Nutrena and look forward to the exposure and increased awareness of the benefits Nutrena provides through her ongoing success. We are very proud to have Katherine as a Nutrena Ambassador!” – Steffany Dragon, Nutrena

Katherine Bateson Chandler Nutrena Ambassador

Kastel sponsor of KBC Dressage


“I am so lucky to represent Kastel clothing. I get so many compliments on both my Kastel shirts and jackets from people in both the U.S. and in Europe. They are functional and fashionable, especially in our Florida climate by protecting my skin from the sun!” -Katherine


Kastel Denmark by Charlotte Jorst is inspired by the strength of fortress “kastels” in her native country, Denmark. Channeling contemporary Danish Design, she was also able to capture important functional elements including protection from the sun while staying cool and active, along with durability and quality. Simplicity paired with fashionable flare reflects her Danish heritage and love for timeless design.

samshield sponsor KBC Dressage

Samshield Helmets

“I am excited and enormously honored to join the Samshield family. The outstanding quality and elegance of its lines reflects the high regard they hold for this support, and I will be proud to wear the Samshield name when I enter any arena at home or abroad.” -Katherine

Samshield Headwear is an international company, created in France in 2005, that creates top technical and fashionable riding products. As modern riding has continued to demand innovation in its products, Samshield’s commitment has been to add elegance and distinctiveness, in keeping with the world class riders it serves. Samshield1